Quality Policy

Through putting “Customers First” as the rudiment of manufacturing, we thrive to consistently create products of paramount quality, price, and lead time.

Environmental Policy

The IWATA BOLT appreciates that environmental preservation of earth is common most important subject for all human and makes “try to preserve nature,consider environment,perform better company action” basic philosophy of environment.

Our company performs environmental control by following policy on the basis of purchasing from another company and supplying for customer with designing and manufacturing screw part for mainly assembling automobile,electronic product,OA appliance.

  1. It always appreciates environmental side related to our company action,production,service,and tries to continuously improve environmental control with promoting prevention of global warming,resource dryness,environmental pollution and.
  2. It observes environmental low,regulation,agreement,and customer request matter related to our company action,production,service.
  3. In environmental side related to our company action,production,service,it tries to make following item important theme of environmental control.
    1. It is appropriate control and cut of environmental impact material including sub-materials used production and product process.
    2. It is suggestion to customer and examination of ”kind to environment” surface treatment from plating included lead and hexavalent chromium.
    3. It is waste cut,and promotion of recycling in factory,branch office and headquarters.
    4. It is promotion of save energy related to our company action,service.
  4. Our company periodically reviews or decides environmental purpose and target,and promotes environmental control with all part and worker included relationship company in order to achieve this environmental policy.
  5. This environmental policy is opened all part and worker of own company and common people if necessary.